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I was looking through the stack of snail mail in my hand after retrieving it from the mail box and on the way back into the house, one letter caught my fullest attention. Return address, a law firm. I then stopped in the middle of our sidewalk to open this piece with total curiosity. To my surprise I had been left a dear friends entire library collection. Including the books she had written and the typewriter she had used to write them. Totaling 1,700 in the collection.  I fell to my knees and wept. Glad that she thought enough of me to carry out such a wonderful act of kindness, sad because I would rather still have her by my side, I was very moved needless to say.

A year before my friends passing,  she had sent me a letter discussing the need to weed out her possessions that read:

 ” The only things I find it truly difficult to eliminate are books. I positively need them, they are as inspiring as rainbows, as interesting as an ethnic menu, and as necessary as old friends.”  Marjory Bartlett Sanger

At Davis Executive Training  we understand that all forms of communication are very important. The written form of communication can move us to act or not to act. After becoming the new caretaker regarding the private library. I feel a need to share the contents of this rare collection. What are friends for if you can’t share them? After such a long friendship with such a wonderful writer and friend I am sure she would be more than proud for me to share.

“A Reading From Our New Friends” starts tomorrow! The book and author will be a surprise to both of us. I will close my eyes and reach for one book. Think of a number and then quote from that page.

From Nancy and old friends to our new friends we hope you all enjoy communicating as much as we do.  

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